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Which penis pump should you choose?

Everyone has different criteria for what they are looking for, and with so many choices to consider, I’d like to offer you a little guidance. First off realize that you can use pretty much any pump out there for most uses. All of the pumps we have available provide suction, which is the main thing people are looking for when penis pump shopping. With that said, some people will find that certain pumps are more suited for their intended goals.

Pumps for quick erectionsautomatic-stay-hard-pump-23004_5
If you are looking to purchase a penis pump that will be used primarily for getting a hard on, or as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, then I would suggest one of the good quality, easy to use models that have a cock ring system with them, or add a cock ring system to any of the other pumps available. I think that a squeeze trigger pump is easiest to use, but you may consider other options as well. I have put together a selection of pumps that I think are well suited for getting your dick hard quickly, check out these pumps for erections.

Pumps for enlargement
Professional Titan Enlarger Pump10140_5If your are going to use a penis pump to try to gain some extra girth and length, then you will need to use it quite regularly. It has been suggested that pumping every other day is necessary, and you aren’t going to get that much use out of a cheap pump. You may also want to use a pump that has a pressure gauge so you can monitor and track the amount of pressure you are using. Pumping is fun, but you need to keep it safe if you will be pumping a lot, and having a pressure gauge is one way to help. For serious dick pumping, I have put together this list of high quality pumps you may want to consider, check out the list of pumps for penis enlargement here.

Pumps for sexual stimulation / masturbationBlack Jack Pump Stroker 883893front
You can use any pump on the market for masturbation, but there are several great pumps that have extra bells and whistles that may make masturbating with a pump even more stimulating for you. Pumps with vibrating attachments, motorized stroking action, even the roto-bator are great choices for technologically advanced masturbation devices.

Don’t forget some of the popular accessories!
Keep your erection longer with a cock ring. Definitely add some pump lube for a tight seal. Consider trying some other pump seals for added pleasure.



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