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There are many types of penis pumps

The two main types of penis pump are implanted surgical devices, and external pumps that act as vacuum therapy devices. Our site focuses on information about the external handheld devices. If you are looking for additional information about the surgical implanted pumps, then consider the information shared from the mayo clinic, and consult your doctor.

With external handheld pumps, there are many sub types.

Consider what part of the device is sued to create the suction, there are manual and electric models available. With manual pumping you generally find 3 different types of hand pumps.

  1. The squeeze bulb - common with the cheaper pumps.
  2. The plunger - Like old school bicycle tire plunger pumps.
  3. The hand grip - considered by many to be the most comfortable for regular pumping.

There are also many types of pump materials - you can find commercial pumps made with premium glass tubes, and plastic tubes are also a common material for cock pumps.

Pump accessories - Some premium pumps have accessories included that may give you additional comfort or ease of use. Some people find a pressure gauge on the premium pumps to be a needed accessory, and some people find that the pressure gauge just gets in the way. Some pumps have motorized suction or vibrations that are electric or battery powered. Some of them include silicone or latex ends that enhance pleasure or make have a tight seal around your body easier.

Some kits will include cock rings to help you maintain an erection longer after the pump is removed.

This isn’t an end all list of all pump types, but certainly will give you a general understanding of some of various types of devices that are available on the market today, and help you to shop for a pump with more knowledge and understanding.

I break down the most popular penis pumps into three categories.

  1. Pumps for great masturbation / sexual stimulation.
  2. Pumps for serious pumping / penis enlargement.
  3. Pumps for getting an erection.

For more information about how I classify the various cock pump categories, see this page about which penis pump is right for you.



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