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Various uses for a penis pump

You can use a penis for several things. Using a pump is often the best choice for many reasons, as they are affordable, no need for drugs or the side effects of drugs, and no need for surgery.

Penis pumps are one of the physician recommended therapies for erectile dysfunction or ED, you can use a pump to help get an erection. A penis pump used properly can help give you a hard on, faster.

Some people use a penis pump to add some extra length and girth to their cock. Results vary, and the jury is out about the effectiveness of pumping to get a bigger dick size. If it works for you, it is one of the cheapest, and least invasive ways to do it.

Penis pumps are often used as a male masturbation device. Some pumps have additional sexual stimulation features such as vibrating ability, and electric stroking. Some pumps have cyberskin or silicone enhancements at the end of the tube, giving a life-like feel of penetrating a pussy, ass or mouth. Ejaculating into a pump while there is suction feels really good for some people, certainly different than simply coming into your hand or a towel.

Penis pumps can be a fun way to add some kink to your sexual play with a partner, or group sex session.

Penis pumps have been used in porn videos for all kinds of things. I have seen pumps used to suck pussy lips making them large and sensitive, I have seen pumps used to suck a girl’s rectum out of her asshole. I have also seen penis pumps used in group circle jerks with several guys, and I have seen pumps used with porn actors in gav videos showing one or more guys pumping up their cocks before being used for other things.

Penis pumps can also make for unique lighting, and decorative fixtures.

Penis pumps have caused controversy with judges, and have caused serious miscommunication at airports.

Penis pumps have embarrassed some people, and empowered others.

Penis pumps can be used to make unique bongs.

There are certainly many other uses fore the various shapes and materials used in cock pumps. This is just a few random uses on the tip of my brain today. Feel free to email me any other uses you are aware of.



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