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How do you use a penis pump - Instructions

The quick start guide

  1. stick your dick into the shaft,
  2. squeeze the pump to pump it up.
  3. Do not over do it - over pumping can damage your dick.

More detailed instructions

Get prepared - have time (about 20 minutes), have lube, (Ky jelly, astroglide, etc) have cleanup materials, towels.

Get ready - find a comfortable place, I trim my pubes, you may want to shave around your shaft, you don’t have to. Squirt some lube around the outer ring of the pump. You want to have some lube so you can stick your dick into it easily, and you want to have some lube help seal the pump to your body. You don’t want so much lube that it pours down the crock of your ass, but you have towels ready from step one right? You will figure out the right amount of lube after a few sessions.

Start pumping -

Stick your dick inside the pump a little, and then push the pump down to your body so it creates a seal.

Start squeezing the pump mechanism to create the pressure inside the tube.

You will feel the pressure pulling on your dick, take it slow - you’ve got plenty of time. Don’t do it so fast that is starts to hurt.

Add some extra stimulation, watch some porn, or massage yourself, or have someone massage your erogenous zones for you, whatever works for you.

You may want to pump more, just do it a little at a time, let your dick grow, and make sure you are not in any pain. Pump some more or not.

Pay attention to your dick. Keep an eye on the color, and how it feels.

Once you have a nice solid hard on, you have several choices.

  1. Some people leave their dick inside for about 15 minutes and pump it right to the edge of pain / being comfortable, hoping to stretch the dick. If you are trying this, I suggest using a pump that has a release valve to you can let some of the pressure out if it starts to hurt. I also suggest that if you are pumping like this, you seriously consider using a pump that has a pressure gauge, and make note every time you pump - what was the most comfortable pressure, how long did you keep your cock at the pressure. Keep a log.
  2. You could choose to remove the pump and use your erection for sex or masturbation. You might choose to use a cock ring to help keep it harder, longer. Some people place the cock ring on or around the pump at the very beginning, some pumps come with accessory kits for this. There are many types of cockrings, I suggest trying different ones and finding the ring that works best for you. Do not use a cockring for more than 20 or 30 minutes.
  3. You could use the pump for masturbation. Deepening on the type of pump you have, you may just thrust in and out, using it like a pocket pussy. You may have vibrating options, or other electronic controls that provide stroking or other sensations, if you do, try them out. I do not recommend using a penis vibrator for more than 15 minutes if you have one.

Clean up - wash the pump tube and parts. Wash your self, or at least wipe off with a towel. Wash your hands. Put your pump in a safe dry place. Write down basic info in your log. How long did you pump? Any pain? What pressure did you maintain? The date, and notes.

I keep a log like this:

15 / 150 / great workout, no pain, 12-01-2009

Do not overdo it! Do not leave it in suction for more than 30 minutes, do not use a cock ring for more than 30 minutes. Keep an eye on it. Do not pump if you are consuming alcohol, or are using drugs that could inhibit your ability to feel pain.

Information here is providing for basic general knowledge about using novelty devices for entertainment. I make no claim or warranty about the accuracy of this info. You should always consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. Do more research other medical web sites, use common sense, and take your time. You are responsible for you actions, and your equipment, not me!


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