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Tips for penis pumping

Go slow - take you time. Check in with yourself and make sure you feel no pain.

Using a gel type lube or ky jelly about the shaft can ensure a tighter seal to your body and make it easier.

Trimming your pubes or shaving will make it easier to pump, easier to cleanup, and probably get your more blowjobs in the future.

Use the right pump for your purpose. If you are using a pump as an exercise device then get one with a pressure gauge and one that has a release valve. If you are using one to masturbate, get one with cyberkin or silicone lips, and consider one of the motorized stroking models.

Clean your pump after use, don’t fall asleep and clean it when you wake up, it’s much easier to clean lube and cum when it is still wet.

Keep a log of your pumping routine if you are trying to achieve growth results.



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