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Do penis pumps work?

Well this is a common question that I hear online and off. A penis pump will certainly work to raw blood into your penis. It is a common device used to get your dick harder, faster. Some times prescribed by doctors to use for erectable dysfunction, a cock pump will help to give you an erection, and without drugs.

Do penis pumps work to make your dick bigger?

There has been a lot of debate around using a penis pump as a penis enlarger. Certainly if your dick is starting out soft and small, and the pump helps to pull blood into it and it gets bigger, than you could say look, it made your penis bigger. Joking aside, there are many people who swear that through regular pumping exercises they have been able to enlarge their penis, and some people show pictures online. Of course I am skeptical, with photoshop you can make a dick bigger and blemishes smaller with a few clicks.

From what I can tell, using a penis pump on a regular basis may be able to stretch the skin of your dick and allow for more blood to enter, making it a little bigger over time. A lot of the regular pumpers say that they gain some extra girth and a little extra length, although the common saying is that like regular work out programs, if you stop pumping, you will lose the little extra benefits that you had gained, just like with muscles.

Perhaps using a pump routine, combined with some of the stretching devices that are on the market may give you a little extra to play with, but the results will take time, several months, and that is a lot of commitment of time for an experiment. I also caution that just like working out in a gym, it is easy to overdue anything, and causing damage, even if it is short term is not a good thing. Sure you have to damage muscles a little to get them to grow, but serious damage can put you out for weeks of healing, and hurting your precious member is something to take serious consideration with.

Penis pump to get an erection?

Sure, it is really simple, put your penis in the pump, and pump it up - suction will pull the blood into your cock and it will get bigger. I think it works well if you also apply additional stimulation, anything from having someone kiss on your neck, to watching porn, playing with your nipples, or stimulation your prostate. Viagra helps to get you dick hard, but it also specifically says that you need stimulation for the process to really work. With a pump you don’t really need another stimulus, it will give you a harder dick with the suction, but add some extra stimulation and it should work faster, and help get your dick even harder.

Penis pump for masturbation and better sex

A penis pump is a great male sex toy, helping to get your dick hard, and adding stimulation while it is hard. Some people enjoy using a pump like a pocket pussy, thrusting your cock in and out, and several pumps have silicone or cyberskin “lips” or other accessories to add to the masturbation effect. Certainly achieving orgasm, ejaculating into a pump while there is suction while give you a different feeling that simply spilling semen into your hand.

Penis pumps are also popular as group activities, many couples have begun to use them, and you can find videos of guys doing circle jerks all using pumps as well.



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